About Me

picture of Mari Crookshanks

My name is Mari Crookshanks and I am a graduate from Laguna College of Art and Design (LCAD), where I majored in graphic design. I enjoy design challenges that encourage me to use my creative strengths and overcome a problem. My design skills are focused around UI/UX work, as well as 3D rendering and production design.


I was born in Redondo Beach, California. I have always been a unique learner. I was homeschooled with my twin from a young age, which taught me to self-motivate and made me an independent, curious person. After graduating, I considered a few different career paths. Maybe I would be an archaeologist (the next Indiana Jones)? Or a fashion designer? But neither seemed to stick. Ever since I was a child I had enjoyed art and photography, and had exposure from these two fields from visiting the Getty Art Museum, where my father worked. I realized that I should pursue a field where art and photography met, and thus found graphic design. I enrolled at LCAD, where I was challenged to think outside the box and further my abilities as a creative.

I enjoy travelling, food (I especially love ice cream), exploring the world, am passionate about social justice issues such as women’s rights, and am a total history geek.

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