• Exploring America's National Parks

    Park Explore App

    The Park Explore App is an app for the National Parks service. This app would be offered when the visitors would arrive at the park. The app would contain maps, reservations, social media sharing, historic timeline of the park, and a science section that would feature an augmented reality feature to the app.

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  • Exploring the Hidden Trails Around the World

    Secret Trails

    The Secret Trails app is designed to help users to find hidden trails around the world. The app is for families or anyone who want to discover parts of a city that is not as well known as tourist spots of that city. The features of this app include an audio guide, create your own trail, fun facts about that trail, free standard trails, about pages for each trail, altitude maps, and points of interest pages that lie along the trail.

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  • Order Your Coffee from Outside Peets


    The Peets App is a mobile app to order coffee and other drinks from your phone. This will help customers of Peets to get their beverages faster than they would if they had visited a brick and mortar store. Plus, they would be able to order other Peet's products as well.

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  • Ann Arbor Commuter Challenge

    To redesign the Ann Arbor Commuter Challenge website, me and my coworkers at SDG looked at the previous website version of the website to see how the site could be redesigned to make the website more user friendly and modern. Plus, we focused the aesthetics of the website to match the time when the challenge would occur, which happened in May. I drew inspiration for the colors from trees and flowers and things that represent a bright sunny spring day in Ann Arbor, MI. The website offers a homepage and a login page so that commuter challenge participants can log their commuter journeys and win prizes and badges as part of a gamification user experience.












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